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Alessandro Benni, Videorent srl, Bologna, Italy

We have enjoyed a good working relationship with Quiqhiq in helping us to develop the new O-2Go2 phone app. The pricing was perfect which allowed us to produce a new product that fit into our budget. We are already devolping new programs to be written and implemented with the help of the Quiqhiq professionals.

Jim Stabile, Vice President, Aeronautical Data Systems, Inc., Stillwater, NJ

I highly recommend this project team. Very responsive. Will goes extra mile to satisfy customer needs. Combines good sense of graphical design with knowledge of programming implements ideas presented in layman's term in to a very satisfying final product.

Peter Broszkowski, President, Coremetals LLC, Haworth, NJ

"Excellent work! [the team] very professional; maintained an excellent communication and delivered an excellent product. [the team] already working on another project for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful work!"

Celia Sandoval, Director, World Language Institute, Inc, Roswell, GA

"[the developer is a] very disciplined and patient guy. I am glad that I have chosen him. Thanks"

Emre Salci, Webmaster,, New York, NY

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